ARP-Microsystems - R&D design center of the analog and mixed signal IPs and ICs, founded in 2013. Our company have developed and implemented an original methodology of designing analog circuits based on modern tools software

and deployment of high performance semiconductor technology.


ARP-Microsystems collaborates with world-class partners focusing to achieve the best results and customer benefits. The company's products are used in applications that require high accuracy of electrical performance, wide dynamic range, sensitivity and ultra low power consumption. The company has a library of analog IP blocks with a wide range selection  and with different options of execution in key areas such as: bandgap, voltage regulator, temperature sensor, oscillator, high speed interface

and analog-digital converter.


ARP-Microsystems  provides customers high-tech solutions and helps in the development of the most complex analog and mixed IPs units and products based on them. All this allows us to offer the customer a short development time, low cost, and most importantly the decision of excellent quality. 


The main competencies of the ARP-Microsystems is development of  high precision bandgap  and voltage regulators for SoC and ASIC, high voltage power management and battery monitor-charging as well as high-precision frequency generators

for industrial, medical and automotive applications.


RC generators



Low-frequency and high-frequency RC generators Types with/without external components 
High accuracy up to 0.5% 
Ultra low-power less than 3uA 
Quick start ~ 10us 
Duty cycle 50%

High Performance Microcontrollers


32-bit MCU / System Frequency up to 100MHz 
Flash up to 1MB / RAM up to 64K 
12-bit fast ADC / 12-bit DAC / IRC accuracy +/-1% 
CAN / LIN / SPI / I2C / Ethernet / Timers / RTC 
Wide operating range 2.5V-5.5V / Low power consumption 
LQFP 144 / Technology 90nm

Voltage regulators



Series of the IPs and ICs linear regulator with input voltage range up to 18V 
Output voltage ADJ/FIX 1.8/2.5/3.0/3.3/4.096/5V 
Output current 150m/250m/500m/1000mA 
Low dropout voltage 50mV@100mA 
Temperature and Short-circuit protection 
Current limit function