About us

A History of Indus

Our steel & metal manufacture is famous for its quality. Throughout the course of our company history, there have been no unsatisfied clients recorded.

Read everything about our fabrication facility below. We have a lot of facts and numbers to show off. We went through thousands of clients and millions of steel sheets that create the basis for hundreds of projects we have completed.

2000 - 2010

The beginning of the millennium was truly surprising. Only three men established this company. It was hard, but...

It was ten years of success. We started our work in a small office with small windows. Our engineers are the first specialists who implemented revolutionary approaches in fabricating steel products.

In 2010, our company reached the number of 1 million customers. Our goal is to double this amount within next 10 years.

2010 - 2014

We are ready to announce that we are placing the number one spot in the industrial market with 1.5 million clients. Our rivals were completely destroyed.

In this situation, we have all the conditions to evolve our industry. Our facilities are located in more than fifty-five countries all around the world. We are proud to open the first ever organic manufacture that does not harm to our environment.

We patented more than ten special technologies within these four years. We tend to create at least 2 new techniques and patent them each year.

Professional metal processing. Highly experienced & equiped personnel