Main services

ARP-Microsystems provide customers the full complex of services:

 - Development of technical specifications and  proposals;

 - Choice of semiconductor technology;

 - Calculation cost of prototypes production and commercial parties;

 - Design of analog and mixed IP blocks and application specific integrated circuits;

 - Verification of schematic circuits based on the PVT and statistical Monte-Carlo analysis;

 - Verification of schematic circuits to increase reliability and yield;

 - Creating methodology of testing and provide of the lab test;

Packaging and  ATE-test;

 - Development of the technological documentation: datasheet, application and etc.

Design and development


ARP-Microsystems provide additional features (design and development):


 - Providing consulting  in the design and development of ASIC, integrated IP blocks in the project, preparing to production;

 - Automatic translation of the project from current technology to newverification and optimization of circuits for compliance with the technical specifications, taking into account the worst-case and taking into account the Cp / Cpk parameters;

 - Improve of reliability and yield;

 - Additional control circuits with ultra low power consumption;

 - Calculation of the total number of chips on the wafer and yield according to the technological process;

 - Choice of packaging, calculation of power dissipation, industrial packages for small and medium batches.

Electrostatic and electromagnetic compatibility

ARP-Microsystems provide electrostatic and electromagnetic compatibility:

 - ESD stress simulation and analysis;

 - Immunity to electromagnetic interference: DPI analysis;

 - Emission simulation;

 - BCI simulation.